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Dear Lovitt Haarkonzept Team,

We are very pleased to have become familiar with your product. Since August of 2017, our customers have used your product to great results. We have utilized it for various hair problems, from general hair loss or thinning hair to alopecia eraeta. All have reported an improvement. For one woman, it was so effective that she no longer requires a wig.

The five-month test phase, which we have decided on, has satisfied our expectations, as our customers. Likewise, the application is comfortable, not sticky at all. Two people are even using a thin paintbrush to encourage eyebrow growth, which already seems very promising. We have only success to report. We have decided to integrate LOVITT Hair tonic into our offering and look forward to a prosperous collaboration. Those who experience hair worries deserve a solution. Furthermore, we wish you success with the research and development and cannot wait for other, amazing products from LOVITT Haarkonzept Manufacture. 

Heartfelt greetings,

Corinna Bergmann
Haut - Gesundheit - Zweithaar
Eisenbahnstrasse 29
79341 Kenzingen

Mr. W, Hamburg, 05.12.2016

Thanks LOVITT Haarkonzept,

Over the last five years, there is not much that I haven’t submitted myself to in order to finally have hair on my head again (photo 1):

2 hair transplants in the front, medication with serious side effects, and lastly, a custom made, human hair toupee.

The piece was frightening. I took it off on the same day. What should I do now- (photo 2) my head was completely shaved so that the toupee could be tightly fitted onto my scalp?  I received a tip to search for “LOVITT”- I was extremely skeptical, but I had nothing to lose. 

Every morning and evening, I applied “LOVITT” and massaged it into my scalp. After 10 days (photo 3), we could already see new baby hairs using a magnifying glass. After 34 days, baby hairs had started re-growing in many of the bald spots. (Last photo)

I am overjoyed by all of the new hair growth. Many thanks. 

Addendum on 17.02.2017:

There weren’t so many hairs left on my head, and now after only 4 months there is a visible improvement.


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Mr. J., Berlin, 22.03.2016

 Despite my belief that hair tonics and the like are nothing but senseless hocus-pocus, I decided to test Lovitt Hair Tonic. After two months of daily use, I was able to determine that the hair loss had abated in the front sections as well as in the back, where a bald spot had manifested itself. It was a huge surprise. Even more surprising was the fact that, through further use, the hair became fuller in the aforementioned sections. It worked so well, that the bald spot was nearly invisible after an additional two months of use. Unfortunately, the hair loss resumed four months after I discontinued the treatment.

Conclusion: It works, but only with regular application. 

Ms. R., Hamburg, 21.03.2016

My hair was always very fine and brittle. I had already gotten over it. A friend gave me LOVITT as a 60th birthday gift. Through regular use, my hair quickly became stronger and my curls began to re-emerge. Now it’s one year later, and I’m very happy with my beautiful, strong, healthy, curly hair.

Many thanks to the person who developed this amazing hair tonic.

Ms. S., Berlin, 20.03.2016

I lost my hair after chemotherapy. After a half of a year, they still hadn’t begun to grow. My beautician mentioned Lovitt. I tried it out and after one month the hair began to noticeably grow in. Now- after 4 months with Lovitt- I don’t have a lush mane, but I’m sticking with it and I’m hopeful that my hair will become fuller; will become continually better.

Mrs. M., New York, USA, 17.12.2015

I have been using LOVITT Haarkonzept Hair Tonic for about two months now. I feel like my hair is thicker and shinier than it was, and in using it, I am continually improving the health of my scalp and hair. It is an easy spray to apply and use. What I particularly like about it is how natural it is -- it doesn't feel like there is anything weighing my hair down, nor does it have a strong smell or feel artificial in any way. The ingredients are simple and pure and I will continue to use it. Oh, and one bottle lasts a long time! I am only about 1/3 of the way through it!

Ms. B, Hamburg, 12.12.15

While abroad, my hair became brittle and lusterless due to the water quality and I developed dandruff. My neighbor told me about LOVITT Hair Tonic and I tried it right away. There was a noticeable improvement after only a few days. The scalp began to relax and the dandruff receded. My hair began to feel much healthier. I would recommend LOVITT Hair Tonic to anyone, no question!


Mr. B., Hamburg, 12.12.15

I began to experience stress-induced hair loss, something that caused my wife and I alarm. For that reason, she gave me her bottle of hair tonic (LOVITT Haarkonzept Hair Tonic) to use right away. Initially, I found it hard to believe that this treatment was any different from the others. I was skeptical. In any case, the results: The hair loss soon stopped and my hair has begun to grow back and stay! The hair is strong and thick again. I’m impressed.

Ms. R., Henstedt-Ulzburg, 06.12.2015

I have very strong hair and even I had a problem with hair loss. Due to a chronic illness, I needed to take medication everyday. It was written in the package insert that alteration of the hair structure and hair loss,were common side effects of the medication. 5 months later that is exactly what happened to me. My hair became thin, weak and lusterless. Furthermore, the hair loss was extreme enough to notice. My doctor explained that if I continued to take this medication, I would have to deal with that side effect for the rest of my life. At this point, LOVITT Hair Tonic entered my life. I used the tonic every day and the hair loss began to stop. After four to six weeks, the hair loss ground to a halt. Additionally, new hair began to visibly sprout. My hairdresser was also very impressed by these developments. Now, three months have passed. I use the tonic sporadically- once a week- and my hair is strong and I no longer suffer from hair loss. I’m so happy that I found out about LOVITT Hair Tonic and I would gladly recommend it to anyone.

Ms. G., Berlin, 5.12.2015

I learned about LOVITT Hair Tonic from a friend and bought it 9 months ago for my husband. He was barely 60 and his hair loss had begun to increase- something his family had a history of. He used the treatment daily, as recommended, and one could see and feel the results after about 6 weeks. The hair grew faster; it began to sprout at the receding hairline and the growing bald spot on the back of the head. The hairs themselves became stronger. Subsequently, I too, almost 60 as well ;-), began to use the tonic. I have very fine, blonde spaghetti-hair, but I’ve got a lot of it and use good hair products. I use the tonic every 3 days after washing my hair. After 6 months of use, I have observed faster hair growth, I’m growing new hairs, and the hair structure has become stronger. The tonic doesn’t weigh the hair down and even helps with styling. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thanks!

Mr. G., Berlin, 5.12.2015

Nine months ago my wife bought me LOVITT Hair Tonic and since then I have been using it every single day. In that time, my hair has grown noticeably faster. As I am almost sixty, I lose a lot of hair after every wash. Since I’ve begun using the tonic, new hair has grown, my hair feels stronger and the hair loss has decreased remarkably. I am very satisfied with the results and will continue using the tonic in the future.

Ms. H., Berlin, 23.04.2015

I’ve always been a thin haired person. When I was about 30, I developed a bald spot on the top of my head but it was easy to cover it. In the beginning of 2013, I was 66; the bald spot had grown and had been joined by two others. Hair began to fall out all over the head and it was no longer possible to conceal. I was prescribed a wig. After a recovery period, the hair loss became worse again in January 2014. Since then, I use LOVITT. First, the dandruff almost completely disappeared. Then, the hair loss began to abate and the hair around the bald spots grew stronger. This year’s hair loss was not as heavy and did not last as long. After using LOVITT for one and a half years, I can go out in public with my own hair again. I’ll stay a customer!

Ms. B., Hamburg, 16.02.2015

To a young woman, a magnificent head of hair plays an important role. People often define themselves through their appearances. It’s even worse, when the aforementioned magnificent head of hair disappears. I was nearing despair when stress began to cause my hair to fall out. It didn’t happen as usual- in one or two places- it fell out in bushels.  For my entire life I had curly, thick hair and all of the sudden, it was thin and weak. After spending an unreasonable amount of money, nothing even remotely worked and the situation began to take a toll on my state of mind. I heard about LOVITT at the same time as my doctor explained to me that my experience is typical and I may even lose my hair completely. I was shocked and placed all of my hope in the product. Before the first treatment I was very skeptical as the product is plant based and hair loss is often triggered by hormonal issues. However, I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised. One could perceive a noticeable change after only the second use. After the third, the problem was nearly rectified. I was ecstatic and relieved. Now I use LOVITT regularly and my hair has become stronger and fuller. Personally, LOVITT has me convinced.  I’m really happy to have learned about it and I will gladly recommend it to anyone.

Katharina Borowski, Master Hair Dresser, Carpe Diem in Ellerbek. 11.12.2014

We recommend LOVITT Hair Tonic one hundred percent!

It does exactly what it promises!

Our customers, and there are a few, are absolutely thrilled and one can even notice progress at receding hairlines. Through regular use, i.e. every day with patience, the results are remarkable.

LOVITT is really easy to use.

Mr. F., Hamburg 04.12.2014

I’ve been using LOVITT Hair Tonic for about a year. Every morning I spray LOVITT onto my scalp and then bring my hair into shape. I have naturally curly hair and it keeps on getting better. During the last few years, I often had problems with hair loss. With LOVITT, I have beautiful, full hair and without an itchy scalp or hair loss. I am very happy about this amazing product and will continue using it. Kind regards.

Ms. H., Hamburg 03.12.2014

I have very fine, blonde hair. No matter how much effort that I put into styling my thin hair, the coiffure would collapse shortly after blow-drying. Since September 2014, I’ve been using the hair tonic every day and I am really impressed with the effects. After a few weeks of use, I began to notice little, baby hairs on the top of my head. Then, whilst styling, I realized that the individual hairs felt thicker. Meanwhile, 3 months have passed and my hair has become significantly fuller and stronger. The hair is much easier to style and my friends have already begun to ask me what it is that I am doing to my hair so that it sits so much better than before. A great success!!!!

Ms. S., Hamburg, 03.12.2014

For one year, I have been using “LOVITT” Hair Tonic and now I have considerably more hair than ever before. Every year, I had to contend with seasonal, as well as, stress-induced hair loss. I didn’t have so much hair on my head but the brush was full of it. Fortunately, things have seriously improved this past year thanks to “LOVITT”. My hair has become longer, thicker, and more robust. “LOVITT” has allowed me to grow my hair long for the first time without the aid of hair extensions. I’m really impressed with “LOVITT”. In the past I’ve tried many different hair tonics, but none have ever been as noticeably effective. There is no comparison. I was won over by the easy spray action and regular massages I would give myself to rub the product in. My hair density, the longevity of my style, or rather, the resilience and strength of my new hair -THANK YOU- “LOVITT” If you’re interested in full, sleek hair, and no hair loss, then I would recommend LOVITT! Many Thanks for the amazing formula!

Ms. M., Berlin, 07.10.14

While I was pregnant, my hair was lusher and thicker than it had ever been in my life. This was likely due to a hormonal fluctuation that doesn’t allow the hair to fall out. Everyone, my hairdresser foremost, prophesized that the “extra” hair was going to fall out after the pregnancy, and that is exactly what happened. It was intense and almost frightening. I started using LOVITT Hair Tonic and after 2-3 days, the hair loss completely stopped. Not one more hair fell out!  I sprayed the hair tonic onto my scalp and massaged it in once a day, for 8 weeks. Now, 2 months have passed and my hair loss has leveled out. Nevertheless, the hair seems thicker than it was before the pregnancy because the hair tonic was able to stop the extreme hair loss. I'm really happy that I found out about this product and I would recommend it to anyone else without reservation.

Mr. S., Berlin, 27.09.2014

I used the LOVITT Hair Tonic every day for several months. I was using it primarily for my eyebrows, which had basically fallen out 10 years ago. After 6 weeks of use, a light down began to show. After a few more weeks of spraying on the tonic every morning, the down slowly became thicker. Then the individual hairs gradually became longer and darkened to their natural color. Meanwhile, after several months, my eyebrow hair is finally visible- and not just in the bathroom mirror- but everywhere.  The daily application was a breeze; I just worked it into my morning routine between tooth brushing and combing my hair. The bottle is easy to handle and tastefully designed, and the spray has a pleasing floral scent. Generally I just left the treatment on after spraying-it dried very fast- but sometimes I massaged it lightly into my eyebrows. In my opinion, the tonic provides great results with a relatively small time expenditure.

Mr. D., Hamburg, 24.09.2014:

As a consequence of many years of hair loss, I am nearly bald. For the last 10 weeks, I’ve applied LOVITT daily onto the bald spot. No change was visible for the first weeks. However, 4 weeks ago the hair began to sprout. At first, it was a very soft down, which then became gradually stronger. Now, my bald spot sports a lush bed of hair. I hope, that this development sticks. I am happy and completely satisfied with the situation.


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